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Millions of dollars and enormous amounts of energy are wasted each year simply because our homes and businesses are not as energy-efficient as they could be. Meanwhile, our demand for electricity has grown and is expected to grow by over 25% in the next two decades.
In our homes we use energy for lighting, heating and cooling, running appliances and electronics, pool pumps, and for every other plug-in item your home 

To save energy and water, we need to make buildings more efficient, and update our appliances and equipment to use less energy and operate more efficiently.  You can simultaneously save on utility bills, increase your level of comfort, improve our ability to attain energy independence, live more sustainably, and preserve our planet’s resources.

Energy efficient homes require smaller and less expensive equipment to heat or cool the home which equates to lower overall operating costs.  In fact, there are many upgrade opportunities that will reduce your utility bills, and many of these upgrades pay for themselves in only a few years.  The final result will be a more comfortable and healthy home, lower utility bills, and a more valuable asset.

Energy efficiency is where the greatest and most immediate gains can be made. In fact, it is the cornerstone of every green home, and makes good sense for homeowners.  An investment in efficiency now with the current rebates and incentives available will pay for itself through lower utility bills.

At ELEM3NTS, we will evaluate your new project or your existing home and provide solutions that will allow you to maintain a comfortable lifestyle, while optimizing your energy usage and saving money.


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