ELEMENTS is the Bay Area’s leading Home Energy Efficiency company. With a shared passion for green energy and sustainability, our team of home assessment experts is committed to making sure your home is smart, efficient and, most importantly, comfortable.

When assessing your home, ELEMENTS uses a simple three-step plan: We analyze your home’s current performance and energy consumption (and efficiency), we give you a detailed report of our findings and, finally, we create a plan to help your home reach its full potential. Using state-of-the-art energy assessment technology, we can pinpoint your home’s inefficiencies and provide you with solutions.

If you want to gain comfort in your home, pay energy lower bills and change the way your home is energy efficient, ELEMENTS is here to help.

“Be Efficient, Save Money, Stay Comfortable.”

Meet the Team


Alfredo Baccari

Business Owner

Alfredo is the Chief Building Scientist and Founder of ELEMENTS.

He is a seasoned Italian architect-designer and a professional in the residential industry. He brings over 25+ of experience.

Since 2003, Alfredo has a passion for sustainability, green design and making a difference in our communities and our environment, therefore he founded ELEMENTS with the intent to bridge his professional experience and personal passion.

Alfredo has earned the LEED AP, Certified Green Building Professional, BPI Analyst Certification, and HERS II as well as taken hours of education in EE