Blower Door Test

We perform the blower door test to measure a home’s air leakage rate. The more air movement in and out of a home, the easier the warm or cool air will disappear, and this will change the comfort in the home.

Few years ago, PG&E and EPA tested few houses in California and the average house leakage was equal to 2 square feet opening for 365 days and 24 hours.

Duct Blaster Test

The duct blaster test measures the airtightness of forced air heating, ventilating and air-conditioning ductwork. Have high leakage in the ducts means that you will receive less air in the living space because a big part of air is lost in the attic or crawlspace where the ducts are located. Therefore, tighter ducts will reduce and saves energy and money.

Airflow Test

We perform the Airflow test to measure how much air the intake (return) grill is drawing. It a simple math problem, if the system is not getting enough air, the system will not be able to give back enough air to you. A continuous balanced air flow saves energy and creates comfort in each room.

Thermal Camera

Also called a thermographic camera or infrared camera. You can clearly see wall insulation, ceiling insulation, moisture related issues, air leaking out through window frames, door seals, and other gaps in homes.

Insulation Inspection

We inspect where your home is and is not properly insulated. This includes: what type of insulation you have, the R (resistance)-value and the thickness of the insulation. Well installed insulation is like a blanket, that prevents warm or cool leaking in and out which saves energy, money and creates comfort.

Windows and Door Inspection

Windows and doors are, as the walls, part of the house skin, called the envelope; and if you want to keep heat in, cold out, and energy bills low, windows and doors must be in good working condition. The inspector will check frame material, quality, and condition and particularly if the glass is the right one based on the house location and exposition.

Combustion Safety Test

We perform a combustion safety test on gas appliances to ensure they are working safely and efficiently and, not leaking gas or carbon monoxide. This test is mandatory to make your home eligible for the PG&E-California-BAYREN rebate programs.

Please check the graphic below to see what the tests are performed based on our different services